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4 Day Facebook Challenge: Day 3

It's Day 3! How are you feeling so far? In case you haven't had a chance to catch up, be sure to check out Day 1 and Day 2 before moving forward with today's challenge.

We've covered the basics of updating and maintaining an impactful Facebook profile, and how to plan and schedule your content. We're moving on to the final piece of the puzzle: branding and photos! Last but certainly not least, this topic holds a place near and dear to my heart. Why? It's simple; you can have the most technically proficient, active Facebook page in the world - and if your copy is lacking or your photos are poorly done, it won't matter!

Day Three: Brand Messaging

Think about the most impactful marketing or advertising campaign that you've ever seen. What comes to mind? Is it the local TV commercials for law firms or restaurants that matter-of-factly state their services and location? My guess is that's a big fat no.

Do you want to know what immediately comes to mind for me? Dawn dish soap. You may know what I'm talking about. One of their biggest campaigns show cute animals that have been affected by oil spills, and talk about how their product helps protect wildlife. I'm a major animal advocate (#goveggie), and pretty environmentally conscious. So this checks two major boxes for me!

Here's why Dawn really nailed it with this ad: the best marketing campaigns show instead of tell. Rather than slapping this message on a beautifully photoshopped image of Dawn soaps, they show you the animals they're helping. This makes a much larger impact on the prospective client's experience.

So how do you replicate this same experience with your marketing and on your Facebook page? I'm glad you asked. Below, you'll find my top 4 tips for effective branding.

1. Carve out a unique look and voice.

Don't be like the rest of them! As a studio, you're competing with many other businesses for your customer's time and money. Stand out with a totally unique look and feel to your posts.

-Logo: do you clearly display your logo across social media platforms? In your studio? On your printouts? Make sure your logo is front and center in everything you do, so you start to build customer recognition. Consider using your logo as a watermark for your photos, and placing it in the corner of each of your posts. (Programs like Canva make this a cinch!) This not only creates a cohesive look (more on that next!) but it also makes your content easily recognizable no matter where customers happen upon your marketing message. If you've been meaning to update or rebrand your logo, the time to do it is before you start adding your branding to every post.

-Fonts and Colors: It may sound simple, but do the fonts and colors you use for your graphics match (or at the very least, complement) the fonts and colors used in your logo? If you no longer have access to the fonts used in your logo, do your best to find a similar replacement. This WhatTheFont tool can help you do just that! Simply upload your logo to find similar fonts. The same goes for colors. Use this tool to upload your logo and find the exact matching colors used.

-Voice: Add a little personality to your posts! If you're still managing your social media, infuse a bit of your own unique perspective into the things you share on Facebook. Of course, it's best to avoid sharing things that are too personal. Think of it more like writing how you talk. To get the hang of it, try speaking your updates out loud before you type them up. Or use the talk-to-text feature on your phone! Turn it on, and talk about your topic just like you would talk to a customer about it. Chances are, your language will be a little less formal, and a little bit more engaging than if you simply typed it out. Use silly words like "Woohoo!" "Yay!" or "Heck Yeah!" to add a whimsical, fun feel. And yes, you can even use emojis in moderation. Believe it or not, emojis may even increase your engagement rate. Click here to view the most popular (and persuasive) emojis to incorporate into your marketing.

2. Consistency.

Consistency in your branding is just as important in consistency in your scheduling. Once you find a preferred look and feel for your posts, stick to it! No need to reinvent the wheel every time - find a good formula, and apply it to everything you do. This has a few different benefits, with the main being that it saves you time, while also increasing customer recognition. Remember on day one, when we talked about setting your profile picture as your logo, and not changing it? This is why: because when your customers see your name around Facebook, your profile picture helps them to instantly recognize your account.

When it comes to photo editing, there are several apps that allow you to save your photo editing process as a formula. Check out Lightroom, Snapseed, or A Color Story. Once you find a look that you like, save your settings. Then, the next time you go to edit photos, your ideal look will only be a click away. A Color Story also allows you to save photos and look at them in your "grid", or next to any other photos you've recently edited in the app. This is another great way to check your pictures for consistency across the board.

3. Connect with your customer's motivations.

Think back to the Dawn ad: pulling on the heartstrings (and mind strings. Mind strings? Let's go with it.) of your customers works. Rather than telling them why they should come in, connect with the emotional motivation of why someone would make the decision to join you in the studio. Are they looking to explore their creative side? Do they want to spend more time with their kids? Do they want to spend time away from their kids? Are they looking for a night out to disconnect and relax? You can't be everything to everyone, but you can use different posts to talk to different people.

Most likely, your different offerings attract different crowds. Who is your regular board art customer? Are they different from the group that walks in on a Friday night? Start to pay attention to the comments and traits of your customers in the studio, and use that insight to craft more targeted messages on social media. (The same goes for your email marketing, too!)

4. Have fun.

People like to do business with people they like. It's so simple, but so true. If you're having fun with your social media, people will have fun interacting with you. Play around with creative photos, share beautiful samples, host the occasional contest. Ideally, your social media profile will feel like a visit to the studio: fun, light-hearted, and a great way to decompress.

Today's Homework:

It's time to brush up on your brand standards! Here, you'll find a downloadable PDF to fill out the fonts, colors, and style of your branding. This is a great tool to use if you work with other people on your social media, too. Share the completed worksheet with everyone on your team so you can all be on the same page.

Don't forget to head to the Facebook page tomorrow morning, where I'll be sharing final thoughts and wrapping up our challenge!

Talk soon, Kelci

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