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4 Day Facebook Challenge: Day 1

Today is the first day of our totally FREE (and awesome, if I do say so myself!) 4 Day Facebook challenge. Summertime is a great time to get your marketing updated and ready to go for the busy holiday season.

Our challenge will dive into a different topic each day. I'll provide the coursework for you to complete that day, and then we'll discuss the topic over on our Facebook page. Not a member of the group yet? Click here to request to join so you don't miss a thing! Now that we've gotten the details out of the way, let's get started. Ready?

Day One: Profile Revamp

Before we start fixing things, we need to know where we're starting from! Use this guide to review your current Facebook page and how you’re doing. Take a little bit of time today to make any of the necessary changes below - many of these things can be updated and improved upon in a matter of minutes.

Don't have time to do this right now, or want to print this information? Keep scrolling! I've shared a PDF below for you to download and complete when time permits.

Profile Picture:

  1. Is your profile picture your logo? (Hot tip: it should be!)

  2. Is it sized correctly? As of July 2019, page profile pictures are square. Does your logo fit nicely inside the frame?

  3. Are you regularly changing your profile picture? This is one of the only places on Facebook where it is advised to set it and forget it. Make sure your logo is correctly formatted as your profile picture, and then don't touch it!

Cover Photo:

  1. Is the image sized correctly? Is it blurry? Here's a great up to date guide for Facebook picture sizes.

  2. Is the text easy to read? Are the words covered by any page components?

  3. How much of the image is text? It's a good idea to keep your image to less than 20% text to keep things interesting and engaging.

  4. How does it look on mobile? On a computer?

  5. Is your cover photo promoting something you currently want to feature? (i.e.: summer camps, Christmas in July promotions, etc.)

  6. Do you have additional information or a link to register (when applicable) in the comment?

  7. Have you updated it recently? Facebook gives an organic boost to pages that update cover photos. Plan to update it once per month.

About Sections:

  1. Are your hours up to date?

  2. Have you added hours for summer / holidays? Make sure your profile reflects that. Add a calendar reminder for yourself to update hours as soon as they return to normal so your profile is always up to date.

  3. Is a link to your website / booking page clearly indicated?

  4. Is your page category set to Arts & Entertainment?

  5. Do you have your page email address and phone number easily accessible?

  6. Do you have the "Our Story" section filled out? This is a place to supply more information about what you offer, your history, and any other information that a prospective customer may need. Fill in this section with information pulled from your site so your information is consistent across platforms. But don't be afraid to add a personalized spin and promote the fact that you're locally owned, etc. in this section.

  7. Have you updated your page tabs? Facebook pages come preloaded with Facebook's standard tabs. You can reorder your tabs in the settings section of your page. Put more important tabs towards the top, and remove any tabs that you're not currently using to reduce clutter.

Call to Action:

  1. Is your call to action (CTA) set up? Facebook offers several CTA options that will display as a button directly under your cover photo.

  2. Have you tested it? Is the button working properly?

  3. If your CTA links to a web page, is that page mobile-friendly?


  1. Are you using events?

  2. Are ticket links properly set up?

  3. Are you utilizing the discussion section?

  4. Do you have an event category specified for each event?

  5. Have you sent co-host requests to any guest instructors or businesses you're working with? (This works well for off-site events where the class is not being held at your location!)


  1. Are you responding to every comment on your posts?

  2. Are you inviting people that like your posts to like your page?

  3. What’s your message response rate?

  4. Do you have autoresponders set up for messenger? Find more details on how to set those up here.

  5. Are you responding to customer reviews and feedback?

  6. Are you responding to customers that tag you in photos / posts?

Today's Homework:

As I mentioned, many of these tweaks can be done quickly! I know this can feel overwhelming at first. Grab a coffee (or hey, a glass of wine, I won't judge!) and knock out these small changes. I've also created this as a downloadable checklist for you to use. Click here to download the PDF and print it from home.

Once you've completed your checklist, head back over to the Kelci + Tammie Facebook page. I'll be posting discussion questions on the page, and you can ask me any questions you have in the comments!

Check back here tomorrow for day two, when we'll dive into content calendars and Facebook ad audiences! It's going to be good stuff.

Talk soon,


Psst! Feeling like you need a little extra help on these tasks? I've got your back!

Please note: due to time constraints, I won't be able to offer individualized feedback for each Facebook page during our discussion in the group. Don't worry though, I have a service that can help if you feel like you could use a little additional assistance in this area!

I offer a Social Media Audit package which covers all of these points listed above, as well as thorough review of your current social media content and strategy. Then I break it all down into easy to understand action items for you to implement in your business.

Whether you're currently managing all of your social media yourself, or you have someone else helping you, this is a great offering to get a brush up on best practices, as well as an expert's opinion on some areas you can work to improve. If you're interested in this, send me an email to get started.

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